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Powerful Education Solutions

Powered by Lori Stephens, M.A.

Our mission is two fold: To teach parents how to work with their children to create confident, responsible, happy children and to provide them with the tools to always be their child’s advocate.


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The Sunday Social Hour Podcast

Lori is a guest on the June 5 episode of The Sunday Social Hour. The host sits with Lori Stephens and Jennifer Barak, two phenomenal professionals within the field of education and occupational therapy. These ladies discuss ways to keep kids active, well nourished, and prepared for next school year.

Work with Me

High School Student


School Success

Coaching Program

Assess challenges, teach organization skills, study habits, time management & more.

Female Student


Advocacy Program

Streamline communication with teachers, administrators & school system.


Helping Tutor


Learning Specialist

Assisting students who need a new approach to the subject matter because of overarching learning differences.





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Lori did a phenomenal job with us as our educational advocate for our son. I cannot say enough about her. She is worth every penny we paid for the services. We are so grateful for her hard work. She is very thorough and professional and will fight for your child with dignity and balance it with reality of what can and cannot happen. Thank you so much!

Cheryl Miller

So grateful for Lori. She is kind, patient and incredibly good at what she does. So blessed that we found her. You have made such a big impact to so many people’s futures’.

Poonam Malhotra

My grandchildren attended Life Skills Prep Camp 2019 hosted by Lori Stephens LLC. Everyday they were up and eager to go. This camp included social skills and executive functioning with all the activities. Definitely a great experience for them and they will certainly attend the 2020 camp.

Barbara Hale

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